Residential Wheelie Bin Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services

Cleanse My Bins provides wheelie bin cleaning ( trash & recycle ) and sidewalk and driveway pressure washing to residents all over Polk County.

Provide your family and home with a healthier cleaner environment!

We understand that no one wants to spend their time or day off cleaning their filthy and smelly trash and recycle cans. We also know how important it is not to leave them dirty. Leaving your bins unclean can expose your home, family and pets to all kinds of health hazards. Unclean bins can attract cockroaches, maggots, flies and other pests. Not to mention the horrific smells that come from what’s lurking inside them. It is important to keep them clean.

What we do!

We will not only clean, but we will sanitize and deodorize your bins too. Our system heats the water to over 200° eliminating up to 99.9% of those unwanted harmful organisms that lurk in and on your bins. Keep in mind that garden hose water is not heated to a temperature high enough to kill bacteria. You’re merely getting the grime off and not actually sanitizing them. Our service is Eco-friendly, affordable and convenient. We will come to your home with our 12-stage filtration system and take care of doing that dreaded, not to mention, disgusting chore for you. Leaving you not only free from the hassle of doing yourself, but with a safer environment for you and your family.


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Pressure Washing

Cleanse My Bins also offers sidewalk and driveway pressure washings services. Leaving you able to enjoy your time off without the hassle of those outdoor chores. Pressure washing services are available at additional costs and by appointment only. Let us help you make your time off – Your Time Off!!!


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Benefits of Cleanse My Bins

Washed in High Heat

Good For the Environment

Help Prevent Bacteria & Viruses

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