Trash Can Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services

What does Cleanse My Bins do?

We Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize your outdoor trash bins.

How does it work?

We will arrive on the same day your garbage is collected. After your bins are emptied by your waste management company, the bins are positioned at the rear of our self-cleaning unit. A set of hydraulic claws then lifts the bins into our trash hopper. The bins are then washed with 200® water using extreme high pressure on the inside as well as the outside. The bins are disinfected with Eco-friendly biodegradable antibacterial detergents. Leaving your trash and recycling bins clean, fresh, sanitized and deodorized.

What do you do with the waste water?

Contrary to the water a homeowner uses that is often disposed of into the storm drains, Cleanse My Bins properly dispose of its waste (grey) water at a local waste water processing facility. Making for a safer environment.

Can I alternate or rotate can each cleaning cycle?

Sorry, but No. Each bin has its own identification and will be cleaned each service cycle. However, we do offer discounts for multiple bins. Please see OUR PLANS for further details.

How often should I have my bins cleaned?

We recommend servicing your bins once a month.

Why should I have my trash bin cleaned?

Just using a hose and broom to clean your trash and recycle bins is not sufficient to remove or kill the bacteria and diseases that breed in your bins, such as; Tuberculosis, Strep, Staph, E-Coli, Salmonella & Listeria. Cleanse My Bins not only cleans your bins, we disinfect, sanitize and deodorize them.

How will I know my bins have been cleaned?

Not only will your bin be fresh and clean, but we will leave a non-adhesive sticker verifying that we have sanitized your bin on its scheduled day.

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Benefits of Cleanse My Bins

Washed in High Heat

Good For the Environment

Help Prevent Bacteria & Viruses

Remove Bad Oder

Support: Keep Your Home Safe from Vermin

Storm Drain Free of Dirty Water

Bins Left Sparkling