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Commercial Trash Bin Cleaning, Dumpster Cleaning,
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Cleanse My Bins provides recycle and trash bin cleaning, dumpster area and dumpster cleaning and pressure washing of driveways, sidewalks and store fronts. Wonderful ways to keep your business looking sharp and smelling fresh.

Provide your Business with an appearance of looking Bright, Clean and Smelling fresh!!

We at Cleanse My Bins recognize the importance of eliminating health hazards and putrid odors from your garbage cans and keeping your businesses appealing to the public. No one wants to enter a store that has an odor surrounding it or an unattractive store front with dirty sidewalks.

Dirty trash cans expose people to all kinds of health hazards. It is important for your bins to be clean not only for your customers, but for your employees as well. When your trash cans are filthy, taking out the trash can subject you to accidentally smudging your clothes, or encountering unwanted smells or even creatures. Something that you definitely do not want for your employees or your business.

What we do!!

For Trash and Recycling Bins

We will use our high-temperature water/steam cleaning system along with our post application of our EPA registered Pure Guard sanitizing, deodorizer and mildewcide solution to wash your bins on the inside as well as the outside of your trash bins. The sanitation process takes less than 45 seconds to complete. Leaving your bins fresh and clean.

For larger containers, we still use our hot water high pressure washing system- but we have vacuum systems that will collect all the dirty water and debris and return it directly into our dirty (grey) tanks for proper disposal. Making this process an environmentally-friendly service.

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Pressure Washing

Most stores are required to hire contractors that remove dirt and chewing gum from walkways and store fronts using no chemicals and expect full wastewater recovery. Cleanse My Bins uses a high-speed surface cleaner with a vacuum recovery system. We are capable of recovering waste water from up to 100’ away from the system.


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Benefits of Cleanse My Bins

Washed in High Heat

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