Garbage Can Cleaning for Residential Polk County Lakeland
We take care of cleansing those unwanted smelly and unsanitary trash bins.
Residential Wheelie Bin Cleaners

Residential Wheelie Bin Cleaners

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Wheelie Bin Cleaners for HOA Polk County Lakeland
Our services are keeping neighborhood walkways, curbs and trash bins cleaner.
Bin Cleaning for HOA & Property Managers

Bin Cleaning for HOA & Property Managers

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Trash Bin Cleaning for Commercial Polk County Lakeland
See the wonderful ways to keep your business looking sharp and smelling fresh.
Commercial Dumpster and Bin Cleaners

Commercial Dumpster and Bin Cleaners

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Cleanse My Bins of Polk County

Garbage Bin Cleaning Service & Pressure Washing

  • Before-Before and After Cleaning
    After-Before and After Cleaning
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Cleanse My Bins is a new garbage bin cleaning service. We take care of cleansing those unwanted smelly and unsanitary trash cans. Leaving you free from tackling that dreadful chore.

Our company uses an Eco-Friendly cleansing system that will eliminate up to 99.9% of the harmful organisms lurking in your bins. With our monthly garbage bin cleaning maintenance, your bins will be free from that unwanted filthy mess. The services will be provided on the same day as your routine trash collection leaving you with a “Fresh and Cleansed” bin to put away.

Washed in High Heat

Good For the Environment

Help Prevent Bacteria & Viruses

Remove Bad Oder

Support: Keep Your Home Safe from Vermin

Storm Drain Free of Dirty Water

Bins Left Sparkling

Better For You and the Environment

It is also important to us to protect the environment as we grow as a business and clean more and more cans. Our trucks are equipped with reservoirs for contaminated water separate from the fresh water we use to clean each bin. We dispose of this water in sanitation sewage facilities. We use extremely high pressure in our spray guns in order to minimize the amount of water needed for each bin (approximately 1-3 gallons).

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Services We Offer

Residential Wheelie Bin Cleaning Polk County Lakeland


Cleanse My Bins will rid your trash and recycling bins from the dirt, bacteria and odor lurking in your bins. We will clean, sanitize and deodorize your bins leaving you free from a dreadful chore that no one wants to tackle. Our service is Eco-friendly and affordable. On the day of your service your bins will be clean and fresh and ready to put away. Leaving you with a safer environment for your family and your home.

  • Kill Bacteria
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Looks and Smells Fresh
HOA / Property Managers Garbage Can Cleaning Polk County Lakeland

HOA / Property Managers

Cleanse My Bins want to help prevent homeowner’s in your neighborhood from putting away smelly and unsanitary trash bins that impose health hazards to their families. We offer a trash bin cleaning service at discounted group and volume rates for taking care of your entire neighborhood. Leaving your neighborhood with not only fresh and clean trash and recycle bins, but a safer environment for your community.

  • Neighborhood Service
  • Discounted Pricing
  • Safer Community
  • Eco-Friendly
Commercial Trash Can Cleaning Polk County Lakeland


Cleanse My Bins is not just a residential trash bin cleaning service. We also provide our services to local businesses in our area. We will Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize your companies trash and recycle bins. With our 12-stage filtration system, we can also offer pressure cleaning of dumpsters and dumpster areas, sidewalks, and walkways. We use only hot water and mandate no chemicals with full wastewater recovery.

  • Commercial Cleaning Options
  • Wastewater Recovery
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Eco- Friendly

Say Farewell to the Smell!

Discover how to be rid of the odors & bacteria
lurking in your trash and recycling bins.

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